Masses for weekend 26/27 December 2015

East Grinstead Mass Centre-Our Lady & St. Peter
Sat.       6.15pm        Agnes Wallace RIP
Sun.    10:30am        Patrick Burgess RIP & deceased friends & relatives of the                              Burgess Family RIP
Mon.     9:30am        Deceased friends & relatives of the Adams & Riley Families RIP
Tues.    9:30am        Deceased friends & relatives of the Clarke Family RIP
Wed.     9:30am        Celeste Berry’s good estate
Thurs.   9:30am        Philomena Tass RIP
Fri.        9:30am        Founders & Benefactors (fm)
Deceased members of our Philippino Families RIP
Sat.       9:30am        Deceased friends & relatives of the Ruttley & Murphy Families RIP

Masses next weekend 2/3 January 2016
Sat.       6:15pm        Peter Butler RIP (anniv)
Sun.    10:30am        Patrick Barrett RIP (1st anniv)

Lingfield Mass Centre – St. Bernard’s
Sun.      9:00am

Reconciliation (Confession)

East Grinstead:
Saturdays       –      10:00am    –  10:30am
5:30pm    –    6:00pm
Sunday           –        8:15am    –    8:45am

SICK/HOUSEBOUND VISITS – requests for visits and for Holy Communion in the Lingfield  area – contact Deacon Ted.

ADORATION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT –  “Exposition takes place every Friday morning at Our Lady & St Peter’s  between 09:00-1:00pm.  Come let us adore Him.”

REFRESHMENTS  –   Everybody is cordially invited for refreshments after Sunday Mass at both St Bernard’s and Our Lady & St Peter’s churches.

WILLS & BEQUESTS  – The Parish has benefited greatly in the past from the thoughtfulness of parishioners who have nominated the parish to receive funds from their estate.  Please consider it.

GIFT AID OFFERINGS/DONATIONS  – can be taken out at anytime throughout the year.  It is a valuable source of additional income for the parish with no extra cost to the parishioners.

CRIB COLLECTION  – Any money placed in The Crib goes to Friends of The Holy Land, for their charitable and education work in that part of the world.  Thank you.

TODAY  –  The Feast of The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

MONDAY  – Holy Innocents  –  Martyrs.
TUESDAY  –  St. Thomas Bechet  –  Bishops & Martyr.
FRIDAY  –  New Year’s Day  –  Solemnity  –  Mary, the Holy Mother of God.
SATURDAY  – St. Basil & St. Gregory  –  Bishops & Doctors of the Church.
SUNDAY (3RD)   –  Solemnity  –  The Epiphany of The Lord.  Transf.

PARISH MAGAZINE – Thanks to our contributors, the Magazine is now ready. Be sure to pick up a copy for each family.

ADORATION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT –  There will be no morning Adoration on Friday 1st January 2016.  The first date in the New Year will be on Friday 8th January.  Come let us adore Him at Christmas.

CONGRATULATIONS TO WINNERS IN THE BONUS CHRISTMAS DRAW OF THE PARISH 100 CLUB   – Joint first prizes of £50: nos 62 and 56, Mrs Fleming and Mr & Mrs Bozzini; Joint second prizes of £25: nos 118 and 2, Mrs Cheesman and Father Steven; Joint third prizes of £15: nos 86 and 104, Mr Curran and Mrs Hull.  Wishing all our members a Happy New Year and Good Luck in the coming year’s draws, Thank You for your support.

MISSIO RED BOXES  – Would boxholders please collect their counted boxes from the usual window ledge by the church doors.  Thank you for your generous contributions and to our helpers with their counting.   £1,648 has now been remitted to Missio to which will be added the contributions of “direct” members and proportionate Gift Aid.

CHRISTIAN MEDITATION GROUP  – We are having a break over Christmas and will be meeting again in the New Year.

2016 CALENDARS   – Complimentary copies of the Missio 2016 calendar are available from the church table at OL&StP for all Missio members and any parishioner who would like to have one.

EG FOODBANK  – the following items are required please – 500g bags of granulated sugar, Feminine hygiene products, Toilet rolls, Washing-up liquid and Men’s deodorant.  Thank you.  Also, if you are using Waitrose to shop please note that EG Foodbank is one of the 3 charities to benefit from the Green Token scheme this month so please support them.

CRAWLEY OPEN HOUSE – is desperately short of blankets, sleeping bags and flasks to give to homeless people who turn up at the door when it is full. Toilet rolls, UHT milk, sugar and tinned meat are particularly required at present but any tinned and packet food is welcome plus tea and coffee.  Please leave donated items at the back of the church at Our Lady and St Peter’s and at St Bernard’s.  Larger items, including duvets and clothes to be taken to OLSP, or taken directly to COH near Three Bridges in Crawley. Tel: 01293 447702. Alternatively, if you prefer, please leave a cash contribution in the basket and the SVP will purchase items on your behalf. Thank you.

GATWICK DETAINEES WELFARE GROUP – needs men’s shoes, trainers, jeans and sweatshirts jogging trousers (medium and large sizes please) as well as toiletries.


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