An Odd Laetare Sunday

The fourth Sunday of Lent traditionally is a day when our Lenten discipline is relaxed so marking the halfway point of this penitential season. Also, in the UK it is known a Mothering Sunday, a day when our mothers are remembered, given flowers and chocolates and generally given a special time. And all of this is acknowledged and celebrated in Church… only this year it isn’t.

For some this is a sadness, for others a handy excuse for spending yet more time in bed.

However, this Lent at its halfway point now takes on a totally different character. With the cessation of public worship this most penitential season which so prepares us for the glory of Easter has lost its anchor of church worship – Mass is no longer being publicly said. For some of us, this is all very disorientating. The Sunday obligation has been suspended and we are having to learn how to be Catholic Christians without those things which were in so many ways the things that made us Catholic.

Halfway through Lent and we find ourselves entering the wilderness again, and it is a deep wilderness, and it will probably extend through the Easter season too.

Our food though this journey will be prayer and scripture. A couple of suggestions; take up saying the rosary, it is a beautiful way of prayer and meditation, say it daily, even make a pilgrimage to church to say it. Try Lectio Divina, there are leaflets in the back of the church to help get you going.

A final point – do keep coming back to this website. During this time when there are no public services this web-site will become an essential means for letting you know what is happening. I will also be putting various thoughts and meditations in this blog.

May God ever bless us

Fr. Jack.


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